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Q.1 I just had keys made at the local key shop store and they don't work right, do I need new locks like the clerk suggested, when I went back to complain?

A.1. No, more likely you just need keys cut by a properly adjusted key machine operated one of our trained alliance Sub-contracted technicians. Key machines in proper adjustment will cut keys to a tolerance of +/- .001". Poorly adjusted key machines or worse yet, poorly trained clerks, can cut a key with a tolerance of +/- .012"!

Q.2 I am moving into a new home, should I (change the combination on the cylinder/rekey) on the locks of my house? The previous owner said these where the only keys out there. These keys are working fine in the lock around the house.

A.2. The answer is YES! Everyone has someone that they trust with their house keys; this does not mean you should trust them. How many neighbors, brother or sister, old baby sitters, cleaning crew, and not to say all those they don’t know about are walking around with there keys to your home now? Change the combination/re-key your locks and then give keys to people you and only you alone trust. These mean have a pull apart key chain when you valet park and give only your car key remember they have all the information in your car all they need is your KEYS and you are handing it over. (FBI estimates 1 of 5 home are broken in with homeowners own key and steals approximately $1700.00) (We cannot stress enough that sometimes is best to spend a little extra on key restriction lock these mean no one can make duplicates to your keys with out you knowledge and also your home owner/renters insurance can provide you with a discount from your insurance policy.)

Q.3 Why do I have to wiggle and jiggle my keys in the lock to make it work?

A.3. As locks age over time, the pins or wafers in the lock cylinder tend to "wear" down causing your keys to stick and forcing you to "wiggle and jiggle" the key in the lock to make it work. Most likely the keys you were given have been probably "copied" several times and this makes your pin/wafers to wear down, this can cause your lock to act like it is breaking. To prevent this from happening lubricate your locks don’t just use graphite or 3 in1 as this products tend to pick up dust and becomes a paste in your locks these was great when my grandfather was around, instead use WD40 or something similar which is the most recommend lubricant by locksmith to my knowledge and you can purchase at your nearest hardware store. Use it every three to six months; also spray it to the outside of your residential and commercial lock. I personally think this method that keeps the finish longer every year.

Q.4 What are cylinders?

A.4 Single Cylinder is the most popular configuration for deadbolt locks, a keyed cylinder is provided for the outside and a turn-piece is located on the inside. The lock may be locked or unlocked with a key from the outside. The turn-piece allows locking or unlocking without a key from the inside. Double Cylinder Used in situations where free egress from the inside is not needed or desired. Keyed cylinders are provided for both outside and inside. Locking and unlocking can be accomplished only with a key. In other worlds if you need to lock or unlock with key is a cylinder

Q.5 Why did your alliance Sub-contractor technicians recommend locks that seem so expensive?

A.5 have found through experience that you get what you pay for, nothing hurts more than having to replace cheap locks that other locksmith installed at super expensive prices. After they have been broken into their homes or business here at we believe that you should only have to pay once for your security needs. Purchasing the very best hardware you can afford, will keep your security needs cost effective and your family and valuables secured. If the security needed for your house or business is not met by our alliance Sub-contractor technicians standard we will let you know. We encourage you to have a security survey of you home or business once every year before nothing happens to your home or business.

Q.6 Should I replace my locks after employee leaves?

A.6 No. There are companies out there they will tell you have to replace your locks and it’s not true all you have to do is change the combination/re-key your locks with some locks you do need to replace them but in rare occasion. This will work as well as if you had replaced your locks. If you decide to replace the locks make sure you get High Security Locks where your authorization is require making any duplicates or changes. Not only will you be securing your assets but also your company will save money as many employers hold a deposit for their keys to be return. (Check with your lawyer before you holding any deposit)

Q.7 Why would I want to install cameras in my workplace?

A.7 Not only will cameras help protect your property, but they could head off potential lawsuits (you could catch someone faking an "assault or a fall"). Theft and vandalism problems tend to decrease by a big percent after cameras have been installed. Your employees will begin to feel more relax in their environment after they realize that troublemakers will have a harder time sneaking in or out the premises that’s way you are seen cameras every where even in police cars and station. (Should always limit who sees where the cameras are pointing)

Q.8 What is a key made to code?

A.8 Most keys have code numbers that identify them to our technicians. Our alliance Sub-contractor can also identify the code by the cuts on a key. If you lose your keys and you have your key code number, then you can call us and have us make you a key and ship it to you. This is less expensive than having the service tech come out and open your lock take it apart and make you a key, although there are times when we just can't helped it and we have to take it apart. When you get a new lock, make sure the service tech gives you the code or the cuts to your locks write it down in more than one place keep record as if it is your credit card or your password for your computer for future reference these will save you big money.

Q.9 I've lost all my keys, now what should I do?

A.9 Unless you have written down a code number, you need to call us for an appointment. If you force a door, whether it is a residents, business or automotive, you can end up doing more damage that will end up costing you more than if you had called us. If you have full coverage insurance with roadside service on your vehicle, then you might be covered. Even if you call us and end up paying out of pocket, take or mail the invoice to your insurance company and they generally will write you a reimbursement check (as long as you have road side service on your policy). If you own a newer vehicle, you can call your car salesman at the dealer where you bought the car and request the code number this works with some dealers only don’t be surprise if they ask you to go in with some proof of ownership. Make sure you give them our name and phone number and let them know you are using our service, as they will call us and give us the code number you can also request a key from them but it might cost you more also most cars 97 and up needs to be reprogram their computers so the key can turn on the car. If this is the case we will have to send you our technicians to reprogram the key to your car and there will be additional expenses of having to have a techs make a trip to your automotive or residents and program the key. If you have lost the key to either of your business, resident or automotive you should think about getting them re-keyed. If stolen from you car or purse, your insurance company - in most cases - will pay for your car to be re-keyed. They find it cheaper than replacing your automotive if stolen again you should always consult with them before you make any purchase of service.

Q.10 How dose your Alliance partners will open my Lock?

A.10 This is our most common question. A lockout as you know when you walk out of your resident, business and car and lock the doors and tends to be when you are in a hurry or is purring outside... then you realize you have forgotten the keys! Why call us? I saw the last time how easy your techs opened it and this time I left my window cracked; I'll use a hanger! Sometimes it works... and sometimes it doesn't. If you have invested in your automobile, you don't want to damage your interior or if you have tinted windows the replacement cost is a lot less money when you call us. A alliance Sub-contractor technicians can efficiently and effectively get you back into your home, business or automobile without breaking too much of a sweat. (Depending on your State.) That is what we are TRAINED to do! PLUS, if you have roadside assistance or insurance policy with a roadside package. You should be COVERED! (Always ask before any service) Your insurance should reimburse you to their limit, so why should you break a sweat. (Always ask your insurance provider to see if you are covered)

Q.11 Should you call when I am locked out?

A.11 If you are like most people, your investment in your automobile, home or business is one of the bigger ones. In years past I could remember when I just to open my friends cars and I would open it with a slim Jim, almost anyone could have open a locked car with a slim Jim or a residential or commercial lock with a credit card. Today, however, locks manufactures have significantly tightened up the security of almost every lock and automotive lock mechanism out there today including micro ships in the key and wire linkage side air bags saw the slim Jim wont work and will damage the sensors or the electronics in the door. This means that a trained professional must have dozens of tools and techniques available in order to open your locks in your residential, business or automotive with no damage. Today’s lockout specialist owns hundreds of dollars worth of tools and books. That is why we must charge a fair price to open your locks. When you call us, our alliance Sub-Contractors technicians, are trained professional responds to your call. Our alliance Sub-Contractors technicians arrive in a service vehicle stacked with hundreds of dollars worth of tools and machinery, ready for any of your emergency. In many City’s that we provide service, the police no longer will respond to lockouts unless it is a live or death emergency. The police departments of today are concerned with the financial responsibility that has come from accidentally damaging citizens' automotive and that could go up to the thousands of dollars.

Q.12 What methods of payment do you accept?

A.12 We accept cash, as well as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Debit Cards (With the Visa or M/C Logo) Company Check and cashiers check. (But no personal check in some States)

Q.13 What are your business hours?

A.13 We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Call us anytime and we have dedicated professionals who will provide fast and reliable service to you