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Intercom Systems intercom solutions range from simple base to base communication to setting up a public address system for the whole buildings

Providing you with a 2 way intercom system

These innovative systems also have to provide convenience of home intercom hands-free communication. A sleek, streamline design has to blend in with the interior and exterior of the facility. Control entry security intercom can regulate access into your building by communicating easily and efficiently with doors and master stations, while keeping your facility secure.

The two-way communications audio and video intercom system can identify visitors also by using a high-resolution video camera. Our door intercom systems are easy and intuitive to operate. They are applicable in most industry markets like:

Commercial: Office Buildings, office intercom, retail stores, parking garages, front and rear entrances, office intercom system and employee only areas.
Educational: Primary and secondary schools, college campuses, main entrances, service areas, and faculty areas.
Government: Local, State and Federal Government branches, courtrooms security, airports and embassies.
Healthcare: Hospitals, medical clinics, nurseries and pharmacies.
Residential: Residential intercom, house intercom, whole house intercom, apartment intercom, gated entries, housing developments and multi-tenant buildings.

Aiphone Video Intercom Systems to Provide Hands-free Communication

Our Aiphone   intercom systems can be used in small building ranging from 10 units to a large 500 units 16 entrance panels and 4 security guard stations. The video intercom system we install is strong and last long. We also install video door intercom systems. We do intercom repair for wired intercom. Home intercom systems can be hands free open voice communications. Security intercom can use either voice only or video intercom or both. A corporate door intercom as long as a house intercom or an apartment intercom can use a small security camera and view who’s at the door as well.

Our Aiphone line products provides with a large variety of video intercom systems including home video door intercom or office intercom. We install building residential intercom with multiple units. Most of them are wired intercom systems. Wireless intercoms require line of site, which in many cases are hard to establish and loss of communication may occur. We do intercom repair service as well as installations replacements of old systems. We can install house intercom or commercial intercoms for restaurants and bars. The door intercom system like in any other intercom application can use an electric strike or magnetic lock to allow the door to open by simply pushing a button.

The door intercoms can use electric strikes or magnetic locks combined using the same power supply. Door intercoms like Panasonic intercom system have a large variety of 2 way intercom communications for different applications. Our intercom security systems including phone intercom system for commercial and residential intercom system comes with one best warranty on the market. We provide intercom service plans for 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

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